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Diets suck, don’t they?

If you’ve ever tried a fad diet (from Keto to Cabbage-Soup), you know what I’m talking about. The long list of rules and regulations go against every grain of your current day to day life.

Most diets require a ton of effort and willpower. But our environments aren’t set up to handle that sudden tidal wave of change (neither are our minds/hearts). And we eventually cave.

Sometimes its a dramatic “I Quit/F*!& This” moment. Sometimes we inch our way out, one rule at a time. Convincing ourselves we’re still “mostly” dieting.

My friends, this is called the “Restrict” cycle. It sets you up to be at war with your body, and it’s not exactly a cliffhanger who will eventually win.

Your body has evolved to have fail-safe methods against starvation. Your desire for self-actualization (like, I don’t know, “having an Instagram-worthy bikini body” is NO MATCH for biological evolution.

One whiff of a Krispy Kreme and you’re out of the game, dude.

What happens next is not pretty: The Binge Cycle. I don’t think you need me to explain that one – we’ve all been there. Over-eating, over-drinking, and feeling terribly ashamed of ourselves all the while.

What Did That “Expert” Just Say??

Besides that, the sheer amount of people screaming in our faces about what to eat (and especially WHAT NOT TO EAT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE) is enough to make your head spin, isn’t it?

I mean, here’s two examples: Dr Gundry, author of The Plant Paradox, is out there on talk shows telling everybody how evil plant lectins are and how they’ll ruin your gut and your life. (What the hell even ARE plant lectins, you might ask? But suddenly you’re worried about them, aren’t you?) Dr. Gundry conveniently sells a line of what he calls “Lectin Blocking Supplements.”

I think Dr. Gundry might have missed the memo that lectins are actually a broad class of proteins found in literally every food, plant and animal. But that’s beside the point.

Meanwhile, Bulletproof CEO Dave Asprey was recently heard on a podcast claiming kale to “not even be that good for you”. Bulletproof encourages a very high-fat, animal-based diet and sells lots of products from collagen to coffee.

My point is this: When we are all pressured to jump on a bandwagon and “belong to a camp”, all of us normal people end up with information-whiplash.

This black-and-white thinking has us alll stressed out over our food.

And what we end up doing is nothing.

We throw up our hands, claim nobody is right, and continue eating whatever takes the least amount of time and effort to give us some calories so we can move on to the next meeting or soccer practice.

We have to acknowledge in these more capitalistic societies that misinformation is EVERYWHERE. Food corporations like Nestle and Frito-Lay are jamming more and more (literal) crap down our throats. They convince us of their processed food’s virtues – with their $100M advertising budgets.

And guess what that leads to? Ridiculous claims, and ridiculous food products.

Like “Organic Cheetos”. WTH even *IS* that??

So – What’s The Best Diet?

I’ll just cut to the chase, cuz I’m that kinda person: There isn’t one. That’s right – we don’t prescribe to a diet camp. 

We believe the best diet is no diet at all.

Rather, we believe in building a lifestyle based on natural food (something the planet can create without man’s “help”). We believe in plenty of outdoor air, daily movement, and connection: to people, to the planet we live on.

In fact, that’s a lot the way people live in places like Provence, France: Simple activities, relaxed day to day life, traditional and wholesome foods, sustainable farming, connection to neighbor and community. And plenty of walking, fresh air and sunshine.

But it’s not just folks in the South of France who have this figured out. Pretty much everybody around the world who is living a “non-Westernized” lifestyle, is healthy and happy. As long as they have access to food, water, shelter and safety – people are happy on a somewhat relaxed lifestyle and their people’s traditional diets.

From 80% carbs to 80% fat, people all over this planet can THRIVE in tons of different diet combinations.

So what’s the one thing they all have in common??


In other words, they don’t eat a “Western” diet full of corporate-produced cheap and toxic “food”.

The reason Americans need restrictive fad diets to begin with – Whole 30 to Keto – is because our food is making us sick.

And the solution isn’t with these short-term diets. The way out is found when you opt out of eating what’s making you sick, and start eating real. Anything. Just, real.

Real is what we stand for.

How Dinner In Provence Can Help You

Dinner In Provence is meant as a food resource for people in “modern Western societies”, who WANT to eat more traditionally.

More sustainably. More sanely.

We have a small but growing collection of recipes that we’ve manually curated for balanced nutrition and hearty, wholesome nourishment. 

Our recipes regularly get comments like “OMG I could eat this every day for the rest of my life.”

And while we don’t recommend you ACTUALLY do that, it’s nice to know that whatever you cook is going to be something you reallllly look forward to – even after a crazy stressful day of work.

We created this collection because we couldn’t find another food blog that focused on “diet food” AND “comforting, soul-healing food” at the same time.

There are some websites out there that go full-on for flavor. Unfortunately their meals often end up dripping with fat or sugar. A dinner on one of those sites might end up 800-1000 calories, leaving you feeling bloated and gross.

And then there are the “diet sites”, and it seems like most of them want you to eat like a rabbit. You can’t survive on a 150 calorie dinner. You’ll be eyeing that bag of Kettle chips not 15 minutes after you’ve broken up with your sad dinner plate.

We considered it our mission to create nourishing food that you look forward to eating every meal – that you can still lose weight or get healthier on.

Healthy comfort food, hearty salads, and family favorites like tacos. You’ll find all those here.

It’s really all about portions and balance. We either develop recipes from scratch, or adapt an existing recipe with reasonable fats and carbs. We amp up protein, veggies and fiber wherever we can.

In short, we’ve taken the guesswork out of healthy home cooking. We’ve done the work for you.

All you have to do is buy ingredients and cook.

Speaking of buying groceries. 

Throughout this site we will encourage you, and provide resources for, focusing on the QUALITY of your food sources.

Pasture-raised, sustainable meats, dairy and eggs. Organic, sustainably-raised veggies, fruits and grains.

Because we live in a world sodden with chemicals and toxic byproducts, and its now more important than ever to eat that way.

We call this the “New Traditional” diet.

You see, it’s not really a diet at all – it’s just living on traditional foods, but balancing them for our modern lifestyle.

There’s no set of rules. You’re just being smart about what you eat. And you’re learning the art of tuning out food advertising.

We’ve shortened up cooking steps where we can – because it’s Tuesday night not Top Chef, amirite? Sometimes you just freaking need dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes.

But we also have plenty of slow-cook, “hands off” type recipes that are perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons. Because there are weekends you just wanna sip a glass of wine and use cooking as meditation, stress relief, and fun.

Maybe read a little book while the meat braises.

And that’s OK too.

Let’s Fall In Love With Food Again

In many Western societies, we have so many privileges that we have fallen ill to “Diseases of Affluence”. One of our primary challenges toward health is changing our belief systems about food.

We live pretty much under corporate rules here. But FOOD is one of the only areas we don’t have to buy in to the hype. In fact, you vote 3+ times a day for how you want your food grown.

We want people to feel permission to enjoy real foods again. Corporate advertising has made us more afraid of Pasta than Pepsi. That is a broken system.

So in Summary:

You don’t deserve to be herded into a diet camp.

You deserve to eat unbranded food. You deserve to eat what the Planet has been producing as food for millions of years.

No one on Wall Street needs to profit from what will eventually become your healthcare bill.

You deserve to be left alone to make healthy, nourishing, and simple choices that you love to eat. No judgment, no screaming, no shame.

You deserve to EAT IN PEACE.

And your kiddos deserve to be taught these lessons as well.

And With That, I Bid You Adieu!

That’s about it for our About Us section. Just remember:

Dinner In Provence is the Food Blog home for people who love food.

Food that nourishes and heals our bodies. Food that gives us deep, inexplicable pleasure. Food that your Grandmother would recognize.

This is the place all you health-minded food lovers will find a whole-food, non-exclusive recipe collection, adjusted for modern lifestyles – healthy, healing, and macronutrient balanced.

Welcome to Dinner In Provence! We’re so glad you’re here.

So now the real question: What are you cooking tonight? Check out our Recipe Collection here. Have fun!

PS – Need More Individual Help?

We are launching a super-exciting Whole-Family Health Coaching program in June, called Provençal Health.

We aren’t working with individuals, but rather whole families (all shapes and sizes welcome!!).

Because we believe that Health Begins In The Home. Families (households) ultimately sink or swim together.

Email us if you’re interested in getting on the waitlist! We’ll only be working with 10 families per quarter (every 3 months), and you must live in the Portland area.

PPS – Our Farm Vision

We also thought you should know….We’re hoping in the Summer of 2020-ish to open the doors of Le Vieux Jardin (French for The Old Garden) – our Provençal-Inspired Farm & Retreat in the heart of Willamette Valley Wine Country.

It’s a lifelong dream and will allow us to produce veggies for Farm Members, host cooking classes, farm-to-table dinners, wine tastings, and all kinds of fun things.

We hope to feed you someday on our farm. But until then – we hope you’ll find our recipes are like a warm hug for your insides. ❤️

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