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About Dinner In Provence

A couple of years ago, our family started learning about “industrial” or factory food, and how it impacted our health. We started making a commitment to switch our grocery bill to more local food suppliers like farms and bakers.

One food product at a time, we did just that. And it felt wonderful, both inside and out. I lost 12 pounds, Marc lost 16, and we had more energy and mental clarity – all without trying terribly hard, still traveling a ton, and still logging plenty of trips to our fave local taco joint.

Eventually, we fell in love with the people and food we met – and decided *we* wanted to be part of the Pacific Northwest food system.  But we also wanted to offer stressed-out urban and suburbanites a place to rest and recover out in the country. A respite for busy professionals just like us.

Our Farm Vision

We’re hoping in the Summer of 2020-ish to open the doors of Le Vieux Jardin (French for The Old Garden) – our Provençal-Inspired Farm & Retreat in the heart of Willamette Valley Wine Country.

Dinner In Provence is meant as the online companion to our future venue. It’s essentially a Support Guide for sustainable eating and living. It is meant as a one-stop resource for modern busy households seeking simple and sane health advice + some really delicious recipes.

Marc and I both adore French cooking, but rustic and traditional food from any culture is our thing. We are equal-opportunity eaters whether we are in Mexico, Lebanon, Maui or Japan. 

Another thing we love are outdoor Farm Dinners. The name Dinner In Provence is meant symbolically to evoke that lovely feeling of dining al fresco on a warm summer evening while laughing with friends and lingering over a good glass of wine.

We knew our site definitely needed lots of healthy, delicious recipes along with some cooking tips and tricks. But beyond that, it just didn’t feel complete without also including education on nutrition, fitness, and emotional health. We wanted this site to be a holistic approach to healthier eating and living – not just a food blog, but a support resource.

Let’s Fall In Love With Food Again

In America, one of our primary challenges toward health is changing our belief systems about food. To opt out of supplements, fad diets and factory made meals – and get back to simplicity.

We want people to feel permission to enjoy real foods again. Corporate advertising has made us more afraid of Pasta than Pepsi. That is a broken system.

Dinner In Provence is a home for people who love food. Food that nourishes and heals our bodies. Food that gives us deep, inexplicable pleasure. Food that your Grandmother would recognize.

Here you’ll find a rustic, whole-food recipe collection, adjusted for modern lifestyles – healthy, healing, and macronutrient balanced.

We hope to feed you someday on our farm. But until then – we hope you’ll find our recipes are like a warm hug for your insides. ❤️

Welcome to Dinner In Provence! We’re so glad you’re here. Are you Ready to Start Your Health Journey?

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