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About Dinner In Provence 

Where Did Your Name Come From?

We love French culture, particularly its traditional cooking and low-stress, walk-everywhere lifestyle. Our Farm Le Vieux Jardin will be Provençal-themed, like a charming Potager (Kitchen Garden) for our community – growing heirloom varietals ordered from seedkeepers in France and elsewhere throughout Europe.

Provence is an idyllic place in the world that embraces the ideals of Food, Health & Community. Quiet and picturesque, it is home to a simple way of life and traditional, old-world cooking. It is a place perfectly aligned with our values and vision.

Though we love French cooking, we are not strictly a French recipe site. The term “Dinner In Provence” is meant to be more symbolic than literal. Can you imagine that peaceful, relaxed feeling of gathering around a table on a warm summer evening? We want more of that feeling in your life, even if you live in Detroit. 😀

Do You Work with Brands & Restaurants?

We work with food brands & restaurants that are committed to sustainable food production and regenerative agriculture. Please reach out for more information.

What is your Comment Policy on this site?

In an attempt to keep this site as useful as possible (including being a resource for our coaching clients), we have restricted public commentary on articles & recipes.

Social Media is where our public commentary takes place, so feel free to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. You can comment there to your heart’s content. 🙂

If you have another question, feel free to reach out to us directly!

I Want To Leave Corporate America, too. Do You Have Any Advice?

Yes! I have tons of thoughts on this, but let’s chat. Drop me a line and tell me your plans. 

I have a question not answered here! Where can I get in touch?

For sure! Let’s keep the conversation going.

You can use our Contact Form, or if your inquiry needs personal/immediate attention, email me (Karyn) directly: Karyn (at) dinnerinprovence (dot) com.

Dinner In Provence
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