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About Dinner In Provence 

Where Did Your Name Come From?

Marc and I love French culture, particularly its traditional cooking and low-stress, walk-everywhere lifestyle. Our Farm Le Vieux Jardin will be Provençal-themed, like a charming Potager (Kitchen Garden) for our community – growing heirloom varietals ordered from seedkeepers in France and elsewhere throughout Europe.

For our site, we wanted to focus on Food, Health and Community. Provence is an idyllic place in the world that embraces these ideals. Quiet and picturesque, it is home to a simple way of life and traditional, old-world cooking. It is a place perfectly aligned with our values and vision.

Though we love French cooking, we are not strictly a French recipe site. The term “Dinner In Provence” is meant to be more symbolic than literal. Can you imagine that peaceful, relaxed feeling of gathering around a table on a warm summer evening? We want more of that feeling in your life, even if you live in Detroit. 😀

Do You Work with National Brands for Sponsored Posts?

Due to the nature of our site purpose, Dinner In Provence does not co-market with any large (national/international) food brands at this time.

Do You Collaborate With Small, Local Businesses?

We love to collaborate with local and regional artisan food producers. This includes farmers, ranchers, goods-makers, chefs, restaurants, bakeries, other food & nutrition writers, etc. Typically our collaborations are based on professional reciprocity and shared values, so they involve no monetary exchange.

We do have some compensation-based collaborations that fit within our ethics policy:

  • We will provide Unbiased Restaurant & Winery reviews. Please reach out for more information.
  • We accept inquiries from Cookware, Kitchen Gadget & Appliance Manufacturers. If you have a cooking related product you think our readers would love, feel free to reach out. If it helps our readers want to cook at home more, we’re happy to showcase it in a recipe!
When are you launching your Farm?

The short answer is, we don’t know! We’ve begun the land search but it has to be the perfect spot. For those who know Portland, we are looking primarily in the Helvetia area – home to many other beautiful farms and historic sites.

We don’t know how long it’ll take, but we estimate opening our doors about 6 months after we take ownership. We’re hoping for a Summer 2020 date but this is highly speculative. Stay tuned on social media for more!

What is your Comment Policy on this site?

Dinner In Provence is meant to be a trusted and reliable resource for accurate information. It was not intended as a true blog or social media site. We don’t have the time to police public commentary on the site – we’d rather be researching and cooking for you!

In an attempt to keep this site as useful as possible, we have restricted public commentary following posts. Social Media is where our public commentary takes place, so feel free to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. You can comment there to your heart’s content. 🙂 If you have another question, feel free to reach out to us directly!


About Karyn

How much did your childhood impact your food choices now?

Oh, completely! I grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado – it’s a lot like Bend Oregon. It’s got a great food system there including tons of local ranchers, farmers, orchards and wineries. My family hunted and we always had elk or deer in the freezer. I raised market poultry and lambs in 4-H. We frequently got beef from rancher friends.

My parents owned about an acre and we had a large vegetable garden along with strawberries, grapes, rhubarb and herbs. We grew up by tons of local orchards and vegetable stands, and my mom canned lots of food. I am not sure I ate much or any factory-farmed meat until I left for college.

What did you do in high tech?

From age 20 to almost age 40, I held a variety of roles at Intel and Nike here in the Portland area. I also had a short stint with my own boutique film company and still occasionally do side projects! In the corporate world, I’ve done software engineering, strategy, program management and consulting work. Most recently I was an Ecommerce Director at Nike, working with them on Omnichannel and Dropshipping strategies in Asia.

What drove you to launch this project?

I began to feel a strong drive to launch this project at least a year before I ultimately left corporate life. I realized at some point I had an important voice to be heard in a specific demographic – the overstressed busy corporate professional (e.g., me!).  Regardless of one’s occupancy in life though, I want people to be less afraid of food. Far too many of us relegate our food-eating decisions to advertising and fad books.

On a bigger picture, I want to help shape the future of agriculture and fix our broken, unsustainable food systems. I want to help kids be healthier and reverse the trend of obesity and type 2 diabetes. I want to help parents feel and eat better, so they can have more energy for their kids.

I Want To Leave Corporate America. Do You Have Any Advice?

Yes! I have tons of thoughts on this, but let’s chat. Drop me a line and tell me your plans. I’m considering offering coaching to those who want to formulate a path out of corporate life to follow their passion project. But given we are focused on food and farm right now, I just don’t have the time to launch something like that. I’m happy to listen though, and provide any advice I can, though. If you go for an online business, there are some e-commerce strategies out there that make monetization super easy and relevant without the use of heavy advertising.

I have a question not answered here! Where can I get in touch?

We’d love to hear from you individually – whether you have a specific question, find an error on the site or have suggestions on future content you’d find most useful to you and your family. Let’s keep the conversation going.

You can use our Contact Form, or if your inquiry needs personal/immediate attention, email me (Karyn) directly: Karyn (at) dinnerinprovence (dot) com.

Dinner In Provence
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