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Hi there, fellow eaters! A warm welcome to you.

My name is Karyn and I’m the primary writer, cook, and health coach at Dinner In Provence.

My partner Marc and I live in Portland, Oregon with my 10 year old daughter Riley and our three cats – tuxedo queen Alice, purry yet paranoid Luna (Lulu-lemon), and the most recent addition: our mischievous baby boy, Loki. He’s the cutest little Gatito in the whole world, and my personal Instagram account proves it! 😄  Of course, they’re all rescue animals as I am a foster volunteer with a cat shelter. It’s quite the racket around here, and we haven’t even gotten started with the farm animals!

Our family has been planning to open a Provence-inspired, heirloom Farm B&B soon. Part organic farm, part retreat, and part event center – it’s a completely unique concept. We even have its name all picked out (Le Vieux Jardin, or The Old Garden), and we’ve begun looking for land! We’re really excited to try our hand at a new lifestyle that we both have childhood roots in.

But while we go through the lengthy process of getting our physical venue up and running, we wanted to do something…now. It didn’t seem right to sit around for two years before getting involved. We just felt too strongly about the principles of local eating and whole-person health.

That is where the idea for Dinner In Provence came from – a reliable Support Guide for busy people who want to eat healthier, look fitter, and figure out a way to manage all that stress. So the plan was hatched that Marc would stay in his role as an engineering manager for now, and I would leave my program director role at Nike to launch our website.

Since my 20’s, I’ve logged thousands of hours both in the gym and pounding the pavement. I’m now a Certified Sport & Exercise Nutritionist (with Precision Nutrition, if you’re interested) who spent 20 years in corporate high-tech life, so I have a unique ability to provide health & nutrition guidance to busy professionals and their families.

Why? Because I get it. I’ve lived the life of rushed lunches, status reports, and triple-booked meeting times. I had many of those late nights perfecting a presentation – sometimes only to have the meeting cancelled the next day. I have dealt with toxic workplace and unreasonable expectations. I have been asked to start something one day, and quit it the next.

These are things we all have to deal with when we enter the workforce as an employee under someone else’s empire.

Yet in the midst of the madness, I managed to find ways to eat healthy, exercise, and cope with (most of!) my stress. These techniques allowed me to survive some of the toughest times in my demanding, high-stress career.

And along the way, I collected nutrition and fitness knowledge that I realized one day was beneficial to all real people just like me. Busy career professionals with no time to spend chasing down every health marketing claim. People with families who just couldn’t spend two hours in the kitchen or the gym every day.

Dinner In Provence is the ongoing culmination of that knowledge, and my passion to simplify & share my research and education. I have ongoing learning plans in Health Coaching, Cooking and Farming. Every part of the health process, I want to know about!

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