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Workouts & Stress

Many of us don’t realize that high-intensity workouts put our bodies under stress and can actually raise cortisol levels. This article explains that relationship and has some practical tips for keeping physical stress under control.

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Effective Non-Gym Workouts

Many people are under the impression that good workouts are only possible in the gym. Nothing could be further from the truth! Bodyweight workouts can be really effective when the right compound moves are focused on.

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Efficient Gym Workouts for Busy People

The last thing most busy professionals want to do is spend hours in the gym. Because time is not a luxury for us, learn more about super-efficient gym workouts here, including the concepts of super-setting and combining your strength with cardio.

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Workout Schedule for Busy Professionals

Learn about a sample workout schedule that gives our bodies proper rest and recover time, focuses on the right ratio of strength vs cardio, and encourages prioritization of exercise amid a busy work week.

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Foundations of Fitness

What’s the difference between Body Composition and Body Structure? Learn about the 6 foundations of physical fitness, and what actions are needed to accomplish them.

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5 Levels of Fitness

Ever wonder why after months of exercise you still can’t do a burpee to save your life? Here we discuss 5 levels of physical fitness (exercise) – and the two foundational exercises we all should strive to do regularly.

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