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Healthy Chicken on a Pastured Poultry Farm

Where To Shop

A Starter Resource for households who want to implement more local and sustainable foods in their household diet. Because it isn’t very helpful to learn about bad foods unless you also know where to buy better foods!

factory farm piglets

Industrial Food: History & Facts

If you want to learn more about how Industrial Agriculture became the mainstream food system in the United States, come on in! In this article we talk about food corporations and pull back the curtain on some of their practices.

Local Produce at a Farmer's Market

Benefits of Eating More Local Food

Learning about the practices of industrial, mass-produced food can be a little sobering. In this article we focus on eating local as a replacement to mass-produced food, and provide 10 reasons why local sustainable food is superior for our health and our families’ health.

Person Holding Crate of Local Veggies on a Farm

Intro To CSA

Did you know CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture? Basically a Farm Membership, CSA’s are a fantastic way to get fresh, seasonal produce. Learn how to find a local farm to grow a garden on your behalf!

Dinner In Provence
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