Health is a journey that never ends, but many of us don’t know where to start. Rather than another fad diet, try our traditional approach to Health – focused equally on Nutrition, Exercise, and Emotional Health. Let us know what you think!

9-Part Health Series

This is our Introductory 9-Part Health Series. We wanted to offer this material for free to our readers, rather than as an E-Book. We've split this info out in a way that is easy to understand. The concepts build on one another, so we suggest starting from the beginning.
Part 1: Finding

Your WHY

Part 2: Our Inner


Part 3: What Is


Part 4: Factors Affecting

Your Health

Part 5: The 3x5 Health


Part 6: Eating the Old

World Way

Part 7: A 5-Layer

Balanced Diet

Part 8: Foundations In


Part 9: Stress Mgmt


The Five Levels of Health

Within the 3x5 Framework, we describe 5 Levels of Health within 3 Health Areas: Nutrition, Fitness, and Emotional Health. This section goes into further depth on each one.
5 Levels of


5 Levels of


5 Levels of Health


More in Health

Visit each of our individual sections to learn more about Nutrition, Fitness & Emotional Health.

Popular in Fitness

HIIT Class doing box jumps

5 Levels of Fitness

Ever wonder why after months of exercise you still can’t do a burpee to save your life? Here we discuss 5 levels of physical fitness (exercise) – and the two foundational exercises we all should strive to do regularly.

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