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Food is so much more than fuel.
It’s true that food contains calories as energy for our bodies. But it also contains instructions for our body.
Real food contains so much more than “calories”. It also contains healthy, strong macronutrient molecules, as well as thousands of other micronutrients, protective chemicals, living water, and beneficial bacteria.
Real food can help control inflammation. It can prevent disease. It prevents cellular damage.
Did you know that the food we eat gets into our cellular nuclei and has the power to change our genetic code (DNA)?
Food is smart. The act of chewing and swallowing starts an incredibly complex chain of chemical reactions throughout your body. Every decision we make about food sends a message to our body. And every decision we make is an opportunity to reshape our present and our future.
Food also has a story to tell. There are as many beliefs, attitudes and cultural norms around food as there are people on the planet. People connect over food, they worry over food, they laugh over food. We often begin new relationships over meals. And we remember our lost loved ones over meals as well.

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Good Nutrition, then, is about balance.
A good nutrition plan seeks to incorporate a wide and diverse array of whole, natural food.
It seeks to balance what we should eat, with what we want to eat. It  balances body-nourishing and spirit-nourishing food. It seeks to balance the energy you take in with the energy you expend.
Good nutrition gives us what our body needs – no more, no less. It keeps us performing well physically and mentally. It keeps us from getting sick. It allows us to accomplish incredible things in our lives.
Ultimately, our nutrition choices end up in an outcome. Maybe we’ll live to a ripe old age. Maybe we’ll contract an illness. Maybe we’ll have the body composition we want, or maybe we’ll be a little too thin or suffer from extra “sedentary fluff”.
On top of all that food and nutrition do for our body, GOOD food and nutrition are sustainable.
They are sustainable for our bodies, our society, our human civilization, other plant and animal species, and the planet as a whole.
If food is not sustainable, then either it or us has an end date. No one wants that, which is why smart choices are necessary now to begin eating food that is more sustainably produced, and to begin eating in a way that is more sustainable to your body.
You’ll find resources throughout this site on Nutrition, including inside each of our recipes.
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