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herbed sausage & white bean stew

Herbed Sausage & White Bean Soup

herbed sausage & white bean stew

Soups are an easy and comforting way to get more legumes into your life.

This soup comes together in about 30 minutes and is a fantastic dinner to ease into Spring. Not super heavy, it’s a broth-based sauce with lots of herb flavor.

Using well-rinsed canned beans helps take the prep time wayyyy down, but feel free to cook dry beans in advance if you’ve got the time.

As always, we source our pork 100% pastured and sustainable. This particular pork is from Carlton Farms. Other sustainable pork suppliers we love are Beeler’s Pure Pork, Niman Ranch, Applegate Naturals, Primal Pastures, and Butcher Box.

The addition of shredded savoy cabbage, leeks and garlic amp up the veggie power & umami in this dish. Specifically, brassicas + alliums: my two favorite vegetable families!

If you have kiddos who are picky toward the cabbage/veggies, feel free to serve the raw shredded cabbage separately on the table and top your bowl with it then stir it immediately in. It warms and softens quickly. That way the kiddos can start out light with a few shreds, and work their way up. πŸ™‚

I highly recommend this soup topped with some fresh-grated dry aged cheese like Parmigiano, and a few torn bread croutons for crunch.

Keeps and reheats extremely well, making this a favorite meal prep/leftovers for our family. Makes about 6 servings of 2 full ladles each.


herbed sausage and white bean soup

Herbed Sausage & White Bean Soup, with Shredded Savoy Cabbage

herbed sausage & white bean stew


1 lb pastured ground pork sausage (bulk, not in casings)

1 medium leek, white part only

4 cloves garlic

1/4 head large savoy cabbage

4 cups organic vegetable broth

3 cups water

3 cans organic white beans (any type)

1/2 cup Bob’s Red Mill Farro

Fresh herbs: Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Tarragon (can also use dried. Use at least 3 of these 4, heaviest on the thyme.)



Prep the veggies: Smash, peel then chop the garlic cloves. Rinse the leek thoroughly then slice it thinly using knife or mandolin. Quarter and core the cabbage then shred it using a mandolin on the thickest setting.


Head a stockpot over medium heat. When warm, pour a small glug of olive oil (no more than 1 tsp should be needed) and saute your leeks & garlic until softened, 3-4 minutes.


Add the bulk pork sausage and cook until browned, breaking apart as it softens.


If there is excess pork fat (an obvious puddle), tip the stock pot and spoon out a few extra spoonfuls into a small heat-proof bowl. Do not remove all the fat.


Add veggie broth, water, and herbs. Bring to a gentle boil while you rinse each can of beans and add them too.


Rinse the farro and add it also.


Simmer gently, partly covered, until farro is tender but firm – about 20-25 minutes.


Stir in 3-4 cups shredded cabbage and allow to warm for 3 minutes or so. (Or skip this step and add to bowls on the table.)


Portion equally into 6 serving bowls, whether dinner bowls or meal prep/storage bowls. Top any bowls being eaten immediately with a few good twists of black pepper, shredded parmesan and a few croutons (optional).

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