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Chicken Nuggets & Fries

Homemade Chicken Nuggets & Fingerling Fries

If you’re looking for a homemade dinner that both you AND your pickiest eater will equally enjoy, look no further. (It doesn’t really matter if your pickiest eater is 4, or 40.) 🙂

If you’re looking for a way to get your family unhooked off of McDonalds chicken nugget meals, this is also a great way to do it!

In just about 30 minutes, you can serve up some awesome homemade chicken nuggets and fries. Bonus is that kids usually love getting involved in rolling chicken chunks in egg and panko. Super fun and messy! Just what little hands love.

In carby news, Oven-roasted fingerling potatoes with a delicious dipping sauce is one of my entire family’s favorite things to eat.

I just quarter each small potato into wedges, spray the tops briefly with avocado oil spray (olive oil is fine too), and sprinkle them generously with my Diamond Crystal salt (its crunchy and less salty – perfect for taters).

Because you keep rotating the potatoes throughout cooking, each side gets a chance to get nice and browned against the baking sheet.

The chicken gets its crispiness from toasted panko breadcrumbs, and is baked also. We typically cut it into little “popcorn” style chunks, but feel free to cut your chicken into any desired shape – tenders, fingers, etc.

For this recipe I do recommend white meat only. The fat in chicken thighs can cause the breading to go soggy during baking.

Don’t forget a super delicious dipping sauce to go with this fun platter (or create a little mini-bar of sauces!)

Our favorite is Lebanese Toum which is like a strong garlic aioli. But we also like classic fry sauce (ketchup/mayo), or my daughter’s version, ketchup and sour cream (sometimes I don’t know whose child she is). 😂

Homemade herby ranch or a creamy aarkvark/sriracha would be great too!

Once your kids taste how GREAT real chicken tastes, they’ll lose their appetite for McDonald’s slime nuggets. 🙂


PS – This same meal for 4 people would be about 100 calories less per person, coming out to 310 per person rather than 415 (without any sauces).

Chicken Nuggets & Fingerling Fries

Chicken Nuggets & Fries


1 lb organic or pastured chicken breast

1 egg

1 c organic panko-style breadcrumbs (I use Trader Joe’s)

Garlic Salt

1.5 lb bag of organic fingerling potatoes (I like multi-color)

Spray of avocado/olive oil

Fine kosher salt



Preheat oven to 450 F. While preheating, prep potatoes: Wash each, then quarter and add to large cookie sheet. Spray briefly with oil spray. Sprinkle generously with salt.


Add potatoes to oven and set timer to 15 minutes.


Add panko breadcrumbs to small skillet over med-high heat. Toast until golden, stirring frequently, until golden brown, about 4-6 minutes.


Meanwhile, prep the chicken: Cut breasts into desired chunks/sizes.


Remove panko and pour onto small plate to cool.


Beat an egg in a small shallow bowl. Season generously with garlic salt then add chicken, stirring to coat.


Add chicken one or two chunks at a time to the toasted panko, rolling around to coat well.


Place on an aluminum-foil sheet, making sure they do not touch.


Take potatoes out of oven and stir/flip well, trying to bring the raw sides into contact with the cookie sheet. Put both potatoes and chicken in the oven (chicken can go on the lower rack, at least 4″ below the potatoes).


Set timer for 10 minute and then take chicken out (based on nugget size – larger pieces may need a couple extra minutes).


Check potatoes for desired doneness/roastiness. If needed, stir again and place back in oven for 5 minutes while you let chicken cool and/or make your sauces.


Dump chicken and potatoes onto a platter and serve family style with dipping sauces of choice.

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